Installing a PS2 interface Barcode/CC Reader



The following document will walk you through setting up your new PS2 barcode or credit card reader purchased from Coral Springs Software. Though the instructions may seem long, this is because it outlines each and every step you will make. Do not be intimidated by its length - If you can use a mouse and a keyboard, you can follow this document!


Do not plug in the scanner until instructed to do so!

1) The scanner you have has a Y cable connection at the end. One end has a male connection port that has pins visible; the other is the receiving female port. This is called a keyboard wedge interface.

2) Locate the PS2 keyboard port on your computer. It's easiest to follow the cable from the keyboard to the back of your computer. A mouse connection looks very similar to a keyboard connection - make sure you have the right one! The keyboard connection is usually purple, and has a little keyboard icon next to the port - in the picture below, it's the purple port on the bottom left.

3) Disconnect the keyboard from the back of the computer (but remember which port it is!) and plug the male end of the scanner into the keyboard port. It should look like this:

4) Now, with the male end of the Y cable plugged into the keyboard port on the computer, take the female end and plug the keyboard into it. It should look like this:

5) All done! Your scanner and keyboard should be properly hooked up to your computer! Look below for an example overview.

6) All that is needed to do now is to set up your scanner to work with QuikCheK, this is simple. First, open QuikCheK.

) Login to QuikCheK and go into Setup.

NOTE: If you do not have sufficient security access to get into setup, QuikCheK will again prompt you for a username and password. If this occurs, you must have someone with a high security level enter their user name and password in order to continue. See your manager or club owner.

8) When in setup, go to System -> MMgmt Hardware. At the top left of your screen, you will see two fields, Swipe Start Character Value and Swipe End Character Value. By default, they say 1 Ctrl-A. For both of these fields, click the drop down box and change it to 126 ~.

9) Once both fields have been changed to 126 ~, click Workstation on the left, and then on MMgmt Hardware. Just as in step #7, change the values of the Swipe Start Character Value and Swipe End Character Value to 126 ~. Click close on the bottom right, the changes will be automatically saved.

10) Login to QuikCheK, and go to the member's screen. Choose Toolbox, and then click on reset scanner. Swipe a card through, and then click save.

NOTE: The number that comes up when you swipe a card through the scanner will not be the same as the number on the card - this is a calibration number.

11) Click File, and then Exit. Click Yes - We want to close QuikCheK. Click on Backup/Exit, and then click on Cancel. Now that you are back at your desktop, open QuikCheK.

Congratulations, your new Barcode Scanner / Credit Card Reader should now be working! If you have any problems or questions that this document doesn't cover, please call QuikCheK tech support at (800) 827-2567. Thanks for being a QuikCheK customer!



Q: When I hook up the scanner as described, my keyboard no longer works!

A: You hooked up the Y cable to the mouse port, not the keyboard port. Plug the cable into the Keyboard port!

Q: The back of my computer doesn't look like the one in the picture!

A: All computers are different; yours may differ from the one in the picture. You may have some ports that the example computer doesn't have, and the example computer may have some computers you don't have. If you are sure that your computer does not have a PS2 port, you must order a USB scanner. Call our main line at (800) 827-2567, and we'll be happy to help you.

Q: What other hardware do you sell? What are your prices?

A: Visit our website to see the complete lineup of hardware we sell. Barcode scanners, credit card readers, receipt printers, we have all that and more! All of our hardware is covered by our technical support and guaranteed to work with QuikCheK! Call us for more information!

Note: Scanners and other hardware that is not purchased from Coral Springs Software will not be covered by our technical support. If you have a scanner that is not from us, we will not be able to help you!