Features of QuikCheK Cloud

Members Module

Store demographic information with over thirty fields,
plus ten customizable fields. We've also added the Balance and Messages to the Member screen to
save a
few extra clicks!

Check-in Module

Track attendance of your members using a scanner or fingerprint reader. You can also trigger a door, gate, or turnstile to open when they scan!

Point of Sale Module

Need a cash register system for the front desk or Pro Shop? This is your solution! Anytime anywhere, from your computer, tablet or your phone, ring up a sale and charge a credit card!

Timeclock Module

The employee timeclock tracks in/out times for employees and calculates their hours and pay totals for the week. Employees can check out there own time sheets anytime!

Reports Module

Reports, reports, reports! QC cloud has reports for every module! Point of Sale, Members, Timeclock, Billing and more!

Leads Module

Store demographic data and a profile for each of your sales prospects. You can also build a "Call List" of who to contact each day!


Do you have custom programming needs?

With QuikCheK Cloud you can customize your own experience. Need a database for medical patients? Members
of a workshop? Or a nonprofit organization? QuikCheK Cloud can handle from 1 to 10 million records,
and can adapt itself to any industry. Take a look at this extremely powerful tool that can optimize your
business, your employees, your clients, and your life.

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